Gualtiero Passani Adjust his Youth Opera “ L’ulivo”

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Art is not the preserve of a select few; as the wind gets in the nooks and spreads in unexpected and unpredictable, this touches everyone and everything. Is the sensitivity of each to retrieve it and give it importance and space, as much as you want to consider.

This whole premise to talk about a young student giving up some fun, decided to buy a work of Gualtiero Passani and so begin a collection of paintings. The drawing in color on glossy paper, depicts an olive tree tortured by the wind and dates back to 1957.

The teacher always very careful, as you can see from the photo, as well as affix the dedication on the back, has touched even a slight imperfection that time had caused.

E 'was great joy of the young buyer when, after reading the dedication, he found himself in the hands of the M° Passani the picture, intent on touching up the work he purchased.

Loving the Arts is an added value that greatly enriches the soul of those who allow themselves to be confused by this, to be better if "take" is a young man not yet thirty years old.

Viva Art, those who practice it, who loves it.

Lorenzo Pacini